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Thanks for contributing, it's cool to see a bunch of new stuff in here. -- Amw

Ditto. Webfork

Thanks for bringing some developer-specific topics to this Wiki. We've been more technical than most other Wikis on the Web but we're usually rather broad. Its nice to see some more information about the people that make things work - the developers and their techniques. I didn't know any of this. Webfork

Glad I can contribute. Hope I don't irk amw too much with my other crusades =)
If we all agreed with each other, it really wouldn't be a very good Wiki. The fact that I hate Microsoft and Amw doesnt is a good thing, allowing us to show both sides. We're fortunate to have a lot of intelligent regular posters. If they didn't have opinions, they probably wouldn't post as much. Webfork

Thanks for those links on Carter. - ABliss