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Hi Erik: I'm using the page ID_Class and VL_Class_Page for my Instructional design class and my Visual Literacy class (I'm a professor at Ohio University). I suppose I should have asked. I tried to separate it off from other pages so as to not interfer). I did this last quarter and it worked out tremendously well. Both courses, after introductions, do a lot of paraphrasing and editing to refine ideas....the Wiki is the best tool I've found of doing this. Let me know if this makes permissible, etc. :) -Dave moored3

Please take a look at the new iA Wiki and it's sub-pages iA Wiki/RFE | iA Wiki/Blue-Sky | iA Wiki/Talk | iA Wiki/RFE-Rejected | iA Wiki/RFE Back-Burner. I've worked out some structure for RFEs etc. While it's certainly not bugzilla, it looks useful.

These pages have become obsolete, as they have been borged into the Wiki.

-- rack

I've implemented a section / subsection concept throughout the Wiki. The homepage appears to work well as a "quick link" section to all the major topics and some subtopics. Within each subtopic (like File Sharing will be links like Gnutella and OpenNap, and then each of those subsections will have a description and in turn will link to things like Gnutella Clients. ->

The same concept has been applied to things like Protocol which is a descriptive section, and itself will link to Protocols, which is a page containing links and short descriptions to protocol pages like HTTP. ->

Each endpoint to a branch leads back to it's parent. So HTTP leads back to Protocols, which in turn leads back to Protocol. It may seem easier to just spill the protocol list onto the main protocol page, but take a look at how File Sharing has turned out. Massive lists of clients have been pushed off onto clean subpages and linked neatly. ->

I hope you like it. -- rack

Friends And Enemies needs to have something done with it.. I'm not quite sure what though. You spoke that it was personal and could be absorbed into your personal page etc.. I'm not so sure.. being able to link to vocal supporters or opposers of various topics would be rather interesting to do. I'd love to know more about each person's perspective on their topic. Perhaps these names could somehow be split apart and included in topics which the wiki has a page for? -- rack

The Friends and Enemies page as it is now is fine, I think. We just need more pages about the individuals listed there.

Heh, I just bumped into your Pornography and protection of minors site. It was due to be translated mid October 1998. I thought I was bad. <code> =p </code> -- rack

Yeah, it's awful. Unfortunately my funding for the porn project stopped before I could get any serious translation work done.--Erik

(pushing some conversation from iA Wiki/Talk

This sounds like Primarily Public Domain, a simple license we've set up. Please write to to confirm! -- Andrius Kulikauskas and Minciu Sodas

This ought to be your call Erik -- rack

In danger of starting something like a flame war: As I have read the /RFE pages I wondered why the content of this wiki is not moved to another wiki engine like the [MoinMoin Wiki] which already implements most of the requested enhancements. Stuff like free links should be reimplemented easily. ->

Now don't get me wrong. I like the UseModWiki engine for its simplicity and also for perl. But I have worked with the MoinMoin wiki for several weeks now and it is clearly written well documented and works as desired. ->

As I haven't found any info wether the integration into Scoop is still persued or this has already been a hot topic in the passed and has now been neglected, please take my apologies for bringing it up again. ->

Just my (very late) 2 pence -- C-Keen

Erik, I think you'd better field this one. Are you borging the functionality of other Wikis? (hides) Upon revisiting this, I can tell that Erik's definitely looking at a couple of other Wiki's for feature and functionality examples to draw from. -- rack
MoinMoin is nice, but I'd rather not switch to another engine if it's temporary anyway. Yes, ScoopWiki is still being worked on, patience! Cleaning up the code has been some messy work (gotta love those Perl hackers), and I'm also a bit occupied by Wikipedia (so much, in fact, that I have considered integrating the code, which I have hacked on a bit, with Scoop, but I'd prefer a Perl-only solution). Usemod definitely has lots of flaws, but it does the job for the time being. -- Erik

Btw, Erik.. just in case you raise an eyebrow at all the semi-off-topic and probably-off-topic pages I've started: Since the wiki is a pretty live system, I found it useful to create a set of semi-related topics as a sort of honeypot concept where users would be drawn to them to vent. Stuff like Anti-Microsoft really doesn't have much to do with things here, but in a strange way it does, since it's linked to UI discussions and problems therein.. which is critical to using information. Stuff like American-Centric doesn't directly relate to things, but in a way it's attached to internationalization which has a strong influence on users.. broadening things a bit I think would both draw attention from the creation of entirely irrelevant topics and would strengthen the interrelation of topics. Urr.. if that makes sense. I ended up finding myself drawn to the creation of acronym and technical pages too.. maybe that sort of stuff will attract a certain type of cool userbase? At any rate, technically off-topic pages don't mean too much, since if they're relevant they'll be updated and wikified and if they're irrelevant they will end up staying out of the way anyway. Perhaps some sort of "iA Mission Statement" is in order? -- rack

Rack, no problem with slightly OT pages, I just don't want them linked from the frontpage catalog. If we start to seriously pursue the handbook project, we might also want to think about a consistent link policy so that it will be easier to put the thing in a more linear book structure. --Erik
Cool.. I was also wondering about linking to external stuff.. especially for the technical term explanations instead of doing them locally, but I kindof like the in-house community feel that'd get generated. As for the link consistancy thing.. I've been guessing as I go.. it appears to work.. but it's a bit rough. I'm happy to do the gruntwork to standardize stuff like linking anyway, so no big deal. It's all young still anyway.. I expect to see a couple of content and formatting rewrites over the history of iA. -- rack

Rack, is there anything of value left on the original Resources pages, or can I completely remove them? I've lost track of your borging activities :-) --Erik

All the pages I've borged 100% are listed above. <code> =) </code> Some of the links taken from those pages remain in Rack/Scratchpad because I couldn't find an appropriate wiki page to put them in (yet) -- rack

I was wondering what kind of patches are applied to this wiki? -- C-Keen

Nothing official, just some handmade layout-related stuff. Anything you would like to see applied? ---Erik

Don't know if you've seen this; TouchGraph WikiBrowser and wasn't sure where to post it so figured I would leave you a note with the link. See iA graphed Here - NemiSYS

Since we hit the 1000+ page mark, how about giving us some new features so we can enter stuff faster? :-) I've looked at some of the RFEs, and i'm pretty sure i could set some of the more straightforward ones up if i had the source code branch you're using. There are a few other little features i've thought of myself that would be fairly easy to implement.

  1. A button to click on that does a search on all other pages to find what links to it. (This could be faster if we used indexing on wikified words.)
  2. A stats page where we could get a list of all entries less than a few lines, so we can see what needs to be fleshed out, what should be deleted, etc.
  3. etc...

I'm a tidy programmer (-bad -bap -bl -bli0 -cli4 -cs -i4 -l73 -lp -nbbo -nbc -ncdw -nce -nfca -nhnl -nip -npcs -nprs -npsl -nut -saf -sai -saw) and would be more than willing to help out if there was a sandbox server or something (unfortunately no Linux at home to run Apache on, but i know Perl). Could you set up an IA_Wiki/Getting Involved topic, perhaps? It would be great to help out. -- Amw

Reading above, it looks like Erik got distracted by participation with the Wikipedia. Even I tried to look into using their engine, but when I went hunting, I couldn't find it. Bad organization batman.. =/ I've more recently found their engine.. but for me it'd be lacking certain stuff which I require.. stuff which is against the wiki "philosophy".. urr.. where was I? Oh yeah.. if Erik has been off hacking with the wikipedia, maybe you too could participate there? We definitely need to get this wiki on an engine that.. uh.. shall we say .. is a bit more contemporary. I'd be willing to put in some elbow grease to hand-port chunks of this wiki over to a wikipedia if that helps motivate people. And no, I'm not intimidated at editing a couple of thousand pages.. after all, I am the guy who viewed a maximum-size Recent Changes list and edited every page to add see also links, and doggedly hunted every new topic for months until real structure got made. =) -- Sy
You're right, I've been a bit busy with the 'pedia lately, both content and code wise. The code is at [1] and I'd be interested in hearing what kind of functionality you are missing. A basic restriction system is in place and could be extended relatively easily if needed. As for this wiki, instead of adding countless of UseMod patches, it might make more sense to simply update it to the 'pedia software. Main problem is importing the existing content with article histories -- we have a conversion script, but it doesn't work with the latest table structures and, IIRC, ignores article histories. This would also be useful for the Italian Wikipedia, which is still running UseMod software. If you want to help with this, let me know.--Erik
Upgrading to another Wiki software would be fine in my books :) My main thing about helping out is i don't know what kind of mods you've already done to THIS Wiki. I don't know if you're storing this stuff as a flat file like the original UseModWiki, or if you've changed the backend... if the file format is any different from the original UseModWiki, etc etc. If we know that stuff then it shouldn't be too difficult to whack together some scripts that extract each diff one-by-one and then insert them into MySQL in the same order. We recently did a SCCS-to-CVS conversion at work that had to do a similar thing. -- Amw
AFAIK the only patches are the aesthetic ones that Erik mentions up a few paragraphs, and a couple small changes to make remote hosts (for article history, etc.) work correctly behind the proxy server. --schvin


There's some kind of attack on our pages where they end up deleted but the changes don't appear on Recent Changes. It happened on Key-Logging Attack and Internet Explorer/Talk.

Can you check into that and see if its not a vulnerability of some kind?


The edits in question are minor. Are you sure you have set your preferences to list minor edits? This should be the default.--Erik
Yes - my preferences are set to list minor edits. Webfork
I just tried a minor anonymous edit and it was listed as expected. The changes by the anonymous vandal are also listed when I only list minor edits in RC. Note that as soon as someone else makes an edit to a page, the changes are summarized to a single entry in RC, with a link to the history, and credited to the most recent user who edited the page. Could it be that you edited the page after it was vandalized, restored it, and then did not find the edit in RC because the two entries were summarized into one?--Erik
Yes, that could indeed be the case. Thank you for looking into it. Webfork

(cut painful slowness making edits)

Which browser/OS are you using?--Erik
Windows XP and IE6, everything updated to the latest version. I'm pretty sure it's not the browser because i get a server/Perl error message. I'm guessing it's trying to get a file lock or something so it can write the diff? -- Amw
What kind of error message? Is it the standard "Internal server error" or something more helpful? If it is more than an ISE, could you paste the text onto my talk page?--Erik


Administrative question: two pages that I did extensive work on in the past month or so have re-appeared as their previous versions. Both Webfork/List Of Edits and Protocol have both suddenly been truncated. And their changes are not listed in "View other revisions."

Could you check into that? Is the server restoring old files or is something not saving? I don't care so much about my own page but I did quite a bit of work on collecting all this wiki's Protocols and I hate to see it go down the drain. Webfork

Argh, this shouldn't be happening. UseModWiki does not store all revisions (see KeptPages on MeatballWiki), but it should always store your most recent one. I have looked at the DB but I cannot find your edits. In the worst case, the material should still be in one of our older tarballs. Can you tell me when you made the edits to Protocol? And are you sure you're not confusing Protocol and Protocols (which has recent edits from you)?--Erik
I can't say exactly but it was about a week ago. Thanks for checking into it. This is my livelihood - I know its a pain. Webfork
Again, are you sure you're not confusing the two pages?--Erik
It is possible I worked on the page and failed to save it or something of that nature but I honestly believe that didn't happen. If it were one page, I could duck the issue but I feel very sure it couldn't have been both. It is possible that I am wrong. Webfork
Please answer my question directly. Are the missing edits to Protocol the ones you made to Protocols on October 1? That seems like a likely explanation.--Erik
I don't know the date but yes: I made changes that are no longer there and are not in the edit history. Webfork
Sigh. I think I'm talking past you.-Erik
Oh christ. No, I just got it. Man, I feel like a doumbass. Fuck. Webfork
To my knowledge there isn't anything weird going on with the filesystem or anything, but I'll check around also. --schvin
Gracias. Webfork
On Webfork/List_Of_Edits how long should it be? I assume you've restored it or something? If it was longer than it is now, how long should it be? Thanks. -schvin
It should be up to around 700. I maintain this page purely to put on my resume as Tech Writing experience. Its time consuming to pull up all the files I've worked on but I imagine I'm up to around 850 by now. Webfork

Erik, please ban IP addresses for some highly offensive graffiti. Thanks. Webfork

Is he still a problem? -Erik
No, I haven't seen him return. Webfork

Would you be willing to re-implement donations to allow me to get paid for some of my work here? This is so I can take requests on items that should be researched or added-to. I just lost my (normal) job so a few bucks here and there would be great. Webfork

Can you think of a good way to do this? Maybe we could create a banner for the wiki itself.-Erik
Well, from looking at the Donations page, that seems to have been done at one point. Do you mean by adding a "banner," an advertisement? I'd rather not go that route. Could you specifiy? Webfork
It was done on the iA frontpage to solicit donations for stories, but I'm not sure how well this would work for the wiki. I'm thinking a wiki-internal solution may be preferable - not necessarily a banner, but maybe a page footer that says "If you enjoy the work put into this wiki, please contribute to the authors' fund". That would be easy enough to do and not too obnoxious, I think.--Erik


Please block the IP range. They are continually posting spam to the IA Sandbox. Webfork

Muchos gracias. Also:, apparently. Or just setup the server to block anyone who tries to post a link to as they apprently have some damn robot working on it now. Like you, I only have so much patience to go through documents looking for spam-eriffic additions. Webfork

This whole spam thing is quickly getting out of hand. I'm not sure if it'll help but more addresses to block:, Webfork

More block requests:,,, and whoever "Thick" is.

Please also block anyone posting a reference to "mangeur de cigogne", "serps", or "Nigritude Ultramarine". All of these are essentially Wiki pollution, neither spam nor useful information. Or whatever you can do is cool. Webfork



Something's gotta be done about this spam issue. I'm really losing patience here and I'm thinking about just starting a transfer of information I've done to some other site that's more spam-resistant. We've got such great Google rankings which is great but inevitably means we're targeted more often. Can we create a more perminant solution? Webfork

More to block:

(hit edit to get them in a clearer list format)

Question: haven't heard much from you lately - are you going to block these domains or should I find another route to fixing this wiki? I'm sure there's something better I could be doing than cleaning up spam. Webfork

I hadn't seen these block lists before, probably from when I wasn't visiting the wiki very often. Isn't a major ISP? -schvin

A block edit undo rollback feature would be good: roll back all recent edits from IP X.Y.*.* for instance. I suppose would need some admin priv control though to stop it being used for DoS. Currently I'm manually doing this for - if there's a fast way, would be nice :)

Gah, fuck spammers. Two IPs added. Unfortunately UseModWiki is really crappy when it comes to handling spam, the upgrade to MediaWiki should help a lot with this. I'll have some time to dedicate to that after the 15th.--Erik

Unfortunately the blocks in UseMod do not appear to actually work. I've been doing blocking at a lower level. I added the offernders from oday. --schvin

Erik, please ban this 'Ec51' person. It is one of the persons spamming this Wiki with bogus Chinese info and/or websites. And it doesn't stop. TIA, -- dpi

Same person, same IP same userid has been spamming Ruby wiki and others. --AndrewCates 11:07, 28 Sep 2004 (GMT)

Xxccdd is EC51 back again same spam. Any stronger ban techniques available? --AndrewCates 11:38, 18 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Erik, i noticed your article on Kuro5hin and i'd like to interview a Wikinews 'spokes(wo)man' (take that term roughly). Do you have time for this or can you direct me to someone who has? Thanks, --Dpi 22:20, 5 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Would you mind giving me beurocrat status? Someone - I need to look through the logs - wanted their status as op disabled. I think it was DPI. Webfork

Erik, I'd favor removing User:Mattka "contributions" to the site given the fact that they don't have much to do with teh site subject matter, but then I'm sure he'll shout censorship... I couldn't find a policy for such subject matters... JoSwujDa 23:29, 19 Sep 2005 (GMT)

Great. Thanks for letting me be an admin. — JarlaxleArtemis 08:39, 6 January 2006 (GMT)

Erik, can't we forbid registration of new usernames matching [:alpha:]+[:digit:]+ ? At least someone will have to rewrite its spamming bot and it won't bother normal people too much. JoSwujDa 10:21, 22 January 2006 (GMT)

Is there some way to have a block-letter verification system to prevent spammer robots? So that everyone who submits a page or tries to register must also click a few numbers into a box that a machine can't read? I don't know that there's a plugin for mediawiki that does this but it would certainly help. --Webfork 19:55, 17 May 2006 (UTC)

Welcome back. --Webfork 12:12, 6 November 2006 (CET)

Hi Erik,

I am attempting to set up my own wiki but am a little new to the whole collaborative space lark and so after some general advice.

One of the focuses of the wiki is to encourage environmental writers to provide articles and papers to try and increase discussion on the issues. Although it goes against much of the wiki ethos, I think that many writers will only contribute if they can be sure that their work is protected by copyright. These articles will therefore be locked, with the encouragement on people using the talk feature to comment.

Could you tell me where I could find out information about what I would need to do to ensure protection for these writers? I have looked on a few different wikis, but as it is not something that is used as the norm, I am finding it difficult to locate.

Many thanks,


Hello Eloquence, Are you still admin on Wikipedia, or have you left? dsynntlnrd (contrtibs·email) 04:48, 9 August 2007 (CEST)



I've just joined IAWIKI, but there doesn't seem to be much going on?

From the look of the pages already here, theres a fair amount of content - but noone seems to have added anything recently?

AIUI, you're one of the founders here - any idea whats going on? ...