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WebMail Services

This list is not exaustive focusing on Wiki-user tested. For a more complete version, visit the Open Directory's WebMail

  • Google Mail - The new king of the block, better interface and more storage space than the others.
  • Yahoo! Mail - Probably the second best and feature-rich. Spam blockers, reminders, Yahoo! Groups integration, clean look and feel.
  • Hotmail - Owned by Microsoft, one of the most popular. May need a credit card to register.
  • Netscape Mail - Connected to AOL's AIM service, a very basic e-mail tool.
  • Mail.com

Secure WebMail

The following two webmail providers automates the process of encrypting and signing emails. All that is required is a Java-enabled web browser. A big advantage of these systems is that your encrypted mail can't be read by anyone not having your passphrase, not even the email providers.

Visit Encrypting Your Mail for a list of secure WebMail providers or for adding security to current Web Mail service.