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Short form: 0-day

Hackerspeak for the very latest cracks, warez and exploits.

Software Cracks

Originally, among there were "14-day" groups and then "7-day" groups who would rush to release the latest cracked warez within 14 or 7 days of the products appearing in store. 0-day goes even further and is considered elite, because it involves the crackers having contacts in the development, production, distribution or retail sectors who have access to pre-release software.

Remote Exploits

0-day is also used to describe exploits for bugs that have not yet been published and therefore do not have a fix yet. 0-day means the Bad Guys are a step ahead of the Good Guys.

Defending against a Zero Day Attack

Technically, there is no defense against a Zero Day attack apart from disconnection. However:

  • Chosing an operating system and software with a very low instance of bugs
  • Not letting your systems be publicly accessable.

If you discover a bug that no one else knows about, please behave like a White Hat Hacker and give that bug to the project leader of whatever software program that belongs to. If you have a software company or work for one and you discover a bug, please see "security through obscurity" for some possible insight on what to do and what not to do.

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