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june 2004

Wiki's still have novelty value for me so I'm lurking for a bit.

One of the main techniques used by google is to judge the popularity of a page by how many other webpages link to it hence spam here.

The big picture is that search engines which return links to information that people want are very very valuable. Bad results from google are bad for all internet users. A while ago I was searching for pinouts and technical details of standard PC DRAM modules. I was considering using some in an electronic project. Google returned lots of pages of nonsense that appeared to be automatically generated to spam search engines and direct people to sites selling memory.

On one hand I view this wiki as an combined encyclopedia and directory. Pages basically describing what search engine optimisers do seem on topic to me. Information about specific search engine contests seem on topic in the same way that a page about nigerian 419 scams would be on topic. By hosting links to contest pages IA helps search engine manipulation requests.

Webfork had some thoughts on the matter

Why I delete any Google contest mentions:

  1. Someone can put one of the most useful links on iA on the front page and I will delete it. Why? Its not germane. No one ever posts anything about a Google contest in a way that fits with iA's structure. They don't care about our structure - I don't care about them. Maybe that sounds funny to have structure in an anarchy but even the Web, arguably a gigantic anarchist system, has standards.
  2. They never complain when because they're well aware its not something useful that a visitor would feel indignant at losing. They purely REPOST AND REPOST AND REPOST until the cows come home. Its spam - they know it and I know it.
  3. We currently have good Google rankings, which means we are both useful and semi-popular. I don't want to sacrifice that because the developers over at Google decide sites that host ANYTHING to do with Google ranking contests are subsequently lowered in ranking. I don't find it satisfying to merely cut the direct hyperlinks that these pages provide because, again, we may still be blacklisted by Google as well as the fact that they'll just REPOST AND REPOST AND ... you get the idea. Discriminant cutting involves effort that I don't care to put into it.

Thank you again for your help in removing spam and for the stuff you've been doing here at iA. This whole site is a labor of love and I appreciate all who help out. Webfork

I think the best approach would be to leave information about SEO but not link to SEO companys or contests. I could look at putting up a neutral page describing SEO contests, why SEO's are generally annoying and generate wiki spam etc but would that be encouraging wiki spammers adn would webfork delete it?

This leads to problem of SEO stuff under irrelervant topics. Is "google anarchy" a phrase commonly used to refer to this? The google anarchy page here is the top hit on google for "google anarchy" effectivly making this wiki difinitive. "Delete" seems like a resonable opinion to express on the subject...

The big picture is that we want a wiki full of usefull or interesting information. Pages that describe SEO and contests are bound to become a target for spammers. Reverting pages is already a big distraction from improving the current content. The value of a page generally describing SEO contests is much less than the time it would take to defend it. I agree that google trusting the information here is a good thing. Ok delete on sight it is.
On a general note I think moving infomation to the correct place rather than deleting it is a usfull thing for a wiki editor to do. Other people improving a new wiki entry is a big part of how these things grow.

Someone changed the entry for Microsoft office on the office page to say that microsoft office is the best office software. The ip address used to do the change is allocated to microsoft. I think this is amusing.

Intensely. Webfork
*Makes 2 screenshots* -- dpi

If any of you regular contributors want to link up with me on orkut or friendster then send email to my current throwaway email address zaphodbond (at) (Note this is not my orkut or friendster registered address).

Made an entry for hacktic which reminds me that it's only a year until hex2005. I need to start thinking about what talk I could do and remind the other's it's their turn to bring the tent. It also means it must be three years since HAL and seven(!) years since hip97.

Wow, new wiki software. I hope this software dosn't have the bug/feature/configuration of the old software that allowed impersonation of users. It was possible to set your username to "webfork" or some other known user without a password and your changes were attributed to the username you choose. It would have been irritating if the spammers had done that.

Sysop status, thanks Erik.

Still getting used to the new software.

Pity about the links from google being broken in the software change. Google is linking to my mojonation entry like this I'm tempted to make a redirect page to fix this link but I don't want to have lots of spurious entrys.

It might be worth Erik checking the access logs to see what broken links websurfers are following here. It might be worth making redirects to fix a few links on other sites if they are used often enough.

I had a hunt with google's advanced search to see if I could find any links in other wiki's that need fixing without success.

Discuss what the community portal page can be used for on it's discussion tab.

I had not come across metawiki before.

I wonder if the wiki is going to have hundreds of user-by-ip pages like this

hmm Presuambly only Erik can upload images.

Mediawiki has a few extra settings and log pages.

Todo: fix talk page link. Update Microplanet_Gravity Contemplate creating pages for packet radio, ebooks (redirect to ebook?), terminal, xbox at commands, C89 Mnemonics, Reverse Engineer, yet another content license at Do somthing with the trends and linkdump pages. Look at Eucalyptt, project to make somthing similar but not based on gnutella. add some info about metamachine the company that makes edonkey and that filesharing program for closed groups that I'v forgotten the name of.

August 04, very busy so not doing much in this wiki.

Nov 04, Acording to a thread in the emule forum's limewire has implemented a system for file transfers between firewalled nodes. Worth a look when I have time to read the links and play.

The Ultra_Wideband entry could be expanded a bit Patents mentioned in this article might be interesting.

Learned a new word Pablum

Huge list of bittorrent and emule hash-link sites at mirror list since the main site is down Mirror Site 01: disallowed by iA spam filter, WTF? Mirror Site 02: Mirror Site 03: Mirror Site 04:

Had a brief play with limewire from two internet connections. The content availabe is reasonable but not as good as emule. Limewire is still written in Java, still has a poor search horizon and no effective anti leech features. On an 800x600 screen I can't expand columns in the search result windows wide enough to read long filenames. On the positive side it does not appear to install any spyware or adware, need to update the wiki entry. I could not test the NAT<->NAT transfer capability as my two clients did not find each others shared files in searchs. The source code link seemed to be broken though I didn't spend long looking for it.

There is a competitor for portable firefox called friedfox that can run without admin privilidges on a windows machine. Opens directly from

Lookup that lists what domains point to an ip.

A list of a users contributions can be found at

Mediawiki user guide

It seems that zeroing the MBR on some computers is enough to make the recovery disk think that it is a different computer, very annoying.


Backup MBR on HP puter

There should be a page about podcasting and it may qualify for the internet trends page.

zigbee entry based on

I'm looking for a collaborative text editor for windows, somthing similar to subethaedit Only one I'v found so far is moonedit. Has some minor bugs. Closed source and the author does not seem to be working on it. Who wants a project? I'v now been using moonedit for about six months and I'm quite pleased with it. I really like being able to have a text file open on several different computers at once without overwriting chances made on another computer. There is an open source equivalent but I havn't got around to trying it because moonedit is working for me.

Bayesian filtering, data recovery Interesting article about crashes due to overclocking

Someone edited the First Amendment page adding the sentance "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom to knit peacefully whilst at work." Just a bored vandel? The ip address is allocated to the US house of representatives. Probably just some disgruntled intern or staff person but someone up there on Capitol Hill dosn't take freedom of speech seriously...

wikipedia anti-rules

Pages I may or may not get around to adding or updating. amule xmule dorkbot edonkey2000 i2p colaborative filtering mammoth Havn't used this for a while, need to check if it still works, apparantly should work with a supernode update.;oldid=collaborative_editor;id=CollaborativeEditor

The peercache page could be improved with more info.

The halls of the dead page needs a load of stuff moved to dead status and a tidy up. clonespy

The main page needs updating.

The java page could do with a bit more on it's advantages and disadvantages, ie fewer security issues in network apps than C but bloat and slowness.

The people behind the dead mojo nation project have launch their distributed backup software at Looks interesting though commercial, the free service requires you to allow the use of 10GB of your harddrive space for every 1Gb of online storage you get. This is possibly not quite as inequitable as it first appears as they probably store several copys of items of data for redundancy. There is also an open source project on similar lines.

"take back p2p"

Several news reports of bearshare turing into a pay to download service but their website is up. Add it to the halls of the dead in a few days when it's confirmed.

I'm contemplating some soft of software tool to make it easier to deal with wikispam. I probably too lazy to create one but it would be nice to have a two click way of banning a user and reverting/deleting all of his her changes, preferably with a nice one page preview of everything thats going to be changed.

I'm currently work for Audiofocus. I often get along to dorkbot London.

Top 50 files on ed2k

Around November I should look out for mozilla corporation's forum 990 on keeping an eye on to see if Iran goes with their plan of selling oil in Euro's.